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Services for people in the NHS or  frontline services*

*doctors, nurses, auxiliary staff, paramedics, ambulance drivers, midwives, social workers, care home staff, firefighters and police officers.

To match you with a qualified therapist, please fill out the short form below, and a Counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist or similar will get in touch via your preferred method of contact. We’ve kept it really easy for you in this busy time.

Since we started this initiative we are seeing these recurring themes when our healthcare professionals request support:

● Worry and over-thinking about the situation and its consequences
● Poor concentration on other things and easily distracted
● Feelings of anxiety
● Feelings of panic
● Irritability
● Restlessness and fidgeting
● Sleep disturbances
● Poor daily functioning and difficulty carrying out routine tasks
● Avoidance of usual tasks and routines
● Feelings of helplessness and loss of control or incompetence
● Fatigue and muscle ache

Do you share any of these?

If you are experiencing any/some/all of these symptoms please ask for support.

We have well qualified volunteer psychotherapists/counsellors/psychologists who can help you alleviate them.

“The amount of fear I was feeling has been hard to endure. Thank you so much for the work you are doing and for putting me in touch with a therapist. I feel very supported and your actions are helping me to get back in the game and back into an ambulance.”

Jim F, London Ambulance Service

How to register

Please fill out the simple, confidential form. Once we get some basic information from you, we can match you with an experienced therapist who has offered their professional skills for free.

  • We will match you with a fully qualified professional and pass them your details.
  • They will contact you within 48 hours (often a lot sooner) by your preferred method.
  • You will be able to communicate with them about how and when sessions take place.
  • Sessions can be anything from a 20 minute debrief to ongoing weekly support.


Do I have to have weekly sessions?

No.  You can have as few or as many sessions as you wish.  All our therapists agree to provide 12 sessions without payment, but you may choose to have just one or two.  You are in control – simply discuss with your assigned practitioner.

Can I change practitioner if I want?

We hope that you won’t feel the need to, but yes you can.  Just let us know if things aren’t working out, and we can assign someone else to your case.   It’s no problem.

I’m busy now but can I book sessions for the future?

We’ll be here.  Just call back to the site when you are ready, and we’ll get you matched up. 

Register here for free support services

  • We respectfully request that you register with your full name but would like to assure you that other than with any allocated therapist, your name will never be shared with any other parties