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Bitesize Stress Management for

Heathcare Professionals

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To match you with a qualified therapist, please fill out the short form below, and a therapist will get in touch via your preferred method of contact. We've kept it really easy for you in this busy time. 

Services for NHS workers 

Therapy / Counselling / Therapeutic Support


For those of you on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, you face an incredibly tough period.  You are being asked to work very long hours, under extremely stressful conditions.  You may feel scared, lonely, exhausted or overwhelmed by your day-to-day experiences. 


It's important that you have support during this time.  Some of you may live alone, or with housemates where it doesn't feel okay for you to share too much about what's going on for you at work.  Or you may appreciate an outside ear to minimise any perceived strain on your loved ones.   You can't do this alone and it's appropriate and very normal that you may feel in need of some additional help to cope with the emotional, mental and physical challenges of your role. 

Let us support you, so you can support others.   This is entirely free of charge.  We are all in this together. 

Register here for free support services

How to register


Please fill out the simple, confidential form. Once we get some basic information from you, we can match you with an experienced therapist who has offered their professional skills for free.  


We aim to keep session times as flexible as possible in order that you can be supported when you need it; whether it's to download after a particularly gruelling shift, or to attempt to make sense of your experiences if you have some downtime, we will aim to support you wherever we can.


If you have gender or other preferences of a therapist, please let us know and we'll do our best! 


Once you are connected with a therapist via your preferred method of contact, you will be able to communicate with them about when and how your sessions take place. 

All therapists will provide you with a clear guideline of what they are able to offer you, when they are able to offer it, and the duration and frequency of the sessions.


We are all being as flexible as possible in this fast-changing pandemic.