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Mental Health Resources

Additional resources for NHS & Frontline workers


To talk about anything that is upsetting you, you can contact Samaritans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call 116 123 (free from any phone), email jo@samaritans.org or visit some branches in person. You can also call the Welsh Language Line on 0300 123 3011 (7pm–11pm every day). www.samaritans.org

Anxiety UK

A national charity helping people with anxiety. Helpline 03444 775 774 Monday to Friday 9.30am -5.30pm  www.anxietyuk.org.uk


If you’re experiencing a mental health problem or supporting someone else, you can call SANEline on 0300 304 7000 (4.30pm–10.30pm every day). www.sane.org.uk

The Mix

If you’re under 25, you can call The Mix on 0808 808 4994 (Sunday-Friday 2pm–11pm), request support by email using this form on The Mix website or use their crisis text messenger service. www.themix.org.uk


If you’re under 35 and struggling with suicidal feelings, or concerned about a young person who might be struggling, you can call Papyrus HOPELINEUK on 0800 068 4141 (weekdays 10am-10pm, weekends 2pm-10pm and bank holidays 2pm–10pm), email pat@papyrus-uk.org or text 07786 209 697. www.papyrus-uk.org

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

If you identify as male, you can call the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) on 0800 58 58 58 (5pm–midnight every day) or use their webchat service. www.thecalmzone.net


If you’re a student, you can look on the Nightline website to see if your university or college offers a night-time listening service. Nightline phone operators are all students too.

Switchboard. If you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you can call Switchboard on 0300 330 0630 (10am–10pm every day), email chris@switchboard.lgbt or use their webchat service. Phone operators all identify as LGBT+. www.nightline.ac.uk

Nurse Lifeline

Whether you are a nurse, midwife or healthcare support worker; newly qualified or experienced, student, associate, military, retired, or a family member or friend of someone in the profession, if you want to chat, reach out on 0808 801 0455 Monday – Friday 19.00- 23.00. Read more: https://www.nurselifeline.org.uk/


If you live in Wales, you can call the Community Advice and Listening Line (C.A.L.L.) on 0800 132 737 (open 24/7) or you can text ‘help’ followed by a question to 81066.  www.callhelpline.org.uk


Telephone therapy service: www.nopanic.org.uk


Mental health support: www.mind.org.uk


Free mental health text support: https://giveusashout.org



For free, confidential, emotional support, text KEYWORKER to 85258 or call 116 123, any time, night or day.  All in confidence with trained volunteers

Listen to messages of gratitude from the public

Anyone can call Hopeline19 on 0808 19 665 19 for free 24/7. You can press 1 to leave your message of gratitude, or 2 to listen to the messages if you’re an NHS or frontline worker.

For all the cat lovers out there! 😽😻😼🫶

We don’t need to tell you this as you know but here is a reminder. Cats are loving, (when they want to be) and have the ability to read our emotions, they make us feel special with their desire to be near us whenever we are around.

They are great alarm clocks! 6:30am wake-up call – feed me, let me out – this gives us routine.

They greet us with a cheerful call, whilst winding between our legs (fun fact, they can do that as their shoulder blades are attached to their bodies by muscles and not bones).

Have you ever wondered why stroking your cat helps you feel relaxed? Cat purrs are at a frequency like gamma waves or meditation waves and help to stabilize our breathing. It can also lower our anxiety and blood pressure!


#InternationalCatDay #CatPerson #CatMum #CatDad #LetsGetACat #catsaretheraphy

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Cycling is a great way to clear your mind, stay fit, save money on fuel and do your bit for the environment.

At Frontline19 we are right behind this one!

Celebrating their 10th Birthday!

The cycle commuting celebration has been a massive success over the last decade. Thousands of commuters have made the switch to cycling to work. They’ve got fitter, reduced their stress levels, saved loads of money on commuting costs – which has never been more important – and done their bit for the environment.

So, this year, whether you’re already a committed cycle commuter or just starting out on your journey - get on your bike and get to work the best way you can.


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To be able to actively listen without judgement is sometimes all someone needs.

If someone needs to share a thought:
Give them your attention. 🙂
Listen without interrupting. 👂
Give cues that tell them you hear them. 👍


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Thoughtful Thursday!

I was talking to a colleague recently and we agreed that something we really needed to add to our daily routine was a bedtime routine. Instead of the "Just 5 minutes of social media" which, as we all know, can so easily stretch into 30 minutes, an hour!

What one thing could you change? Pause and think.

#change #socialmedia #selfcare #Bedtime

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Your mid week message!

Take what you need today, Have a virtual hug from us! Believe in yourself 🤗🫶🤗

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More than just a pet! Our furry friends 🥰🐕🥰📷🐕📱🐕🥰🐕 ...

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What are your thoughts on this ? ...

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Feeling better comes in all different shapes and sizes and books can be a way to make achievable changes to feel more positive and take control of our learning. It's no secret that I love books and every day is a chance to learn something new, which is also something that I love as it helps me to grow and develop as a person.

Each month I will read a book that will hopefully help with our well-being. I'll cut out the hard work so that you don't have to wade through huge amounts of books to find a gem.

Please let me know what you think and if want me to read any particular books?

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life - Jen Sincero

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Happy Friday ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Double tap to send some love 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

#AtTheFrontlineOfEmotionalWellbeing #gratitude #ThankYou #kindness

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Be thankful for the little things, because when you think about them for a while, they are actually bigger than you first thought.
Lift your mood in just 30 seconds, then why not lift someone else's.
Let them know that they are your person👇🫶

#Thankfulness #thankfulheart #ThankfulThursday #frontline19 #Hopeline19

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If your brain is racing and you feel like you need to focus on the moment, follow the rainbow. Breathe in and out, listen to your breathing, put a hand on your chest and feel your breathing. Then gently take your foot off the throttle and appreciate the moment.
#Frontline19 #MentalHealth

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Maybe today is the day, the day to pick up the phone, dial the number and leave your message of thanks.

Maybe today is the day, the day to pick up the phone, dial the number and hear a message of gratitude.

Maybe today is the day, maybe today is your day.

Hopeline19, words are so powerful.

#gratitude #Hopeline19 #Frontline19 #NHS #ThankYou

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Happy Emoji Day! 😊

Press to select your mood…. 👇

Emoji’s – The little pictures that animate your dull messages and text and bring them to life! The simple way to express yourself when you just don’t have the words. 😅🙃😚🤓🤩🥸🫣


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We love this quote from Louis Lunts a good friend of Frontline19.

We also think that all mental health issues flourish in the dark. By sharing, talking and reaching out we create the sunlight to reduce the power od the darkness and of feeling alone.

Take care of each other and most importantly? Yourself 🌈❤️

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It is just a few days until the end of this academic school year. 📅

A year where we said goodbye to bubbles and embraced being back together. 🫶

Head Teachers, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Pastoral Support Assistants and so, so many support staff have worked tirelessly this year, welcoming children back into a bubble free school, nurturing them and helping them feel safe, listening to the children’s worries and concerns, being that trusted adult that is the difference between feeling sad at the school gate, to smiling entering a classroom.

Children are resilient, we say this so often, but they still have questions and feelings that need to be addressed and named. This year, mental health training has been offered in more schools, to a wider variety of staff. Many becoming mental health champions.

Today is your opportunity to lift the spirit of a member of the teaching community.

Share our post and share your thanks.

Happy Thankful Thursday 🥰🥰

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Yes, it is hot! Our weather, the main topic of conversation this week. We are all guilty of lazy conversation.

Your challenge today is to have the most random new conversation with your friends or family.

Tag a friend to start a random new conversation! 👇


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We live life at 100 miles an hour, with so many distractions. Bills, devices and every imaginable complication the world can provide.

We see the flowers, but do we really SEE the flowers?

Step away from the computer, turn of your devices. Take a walk and go out and see the flowers, feel the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. Take a few uninterrupted moments at a slower pace.

#SimplicityDay #NationalSimplicityDay

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Happy 74th Birthday to the NHS - for us it has and always will be about the amazing people of the NHS. Who come from over the globe to work and care for all of us.⁣

Working over your hours, going the extra mile to make a difference. ⁣

Thank you. ⁣Tag your favourites below 👇

Tonight we are sending out huge love to you all. Thank you for everything that you do 🌈❤️

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