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Free & Confidential Psychological Support Service

For people working in the NHS & frontline services in the UK

Examples of some of the people we can help are ITU staff including physiotherapists, emergency response teams, paramedics, ambulance technicians, HCA,  care home workers and GP’s & health care workers in patient-facing roles.

Currently we are prioritising patient-facing roles.

Get Support Now

How it works

Please fill out the simple, confidential form. Once we get some basic information from you, we can match you with an experienced therapist who has offered their professional skills for free.

  • We will match you with a fully qualified professional and pass them your details.
  • Please allow up to 14 days for matching. This may be longer in times of high demand.
  • They will contact you by your preferred method. ( Eg WhatsApp, Email, Phone call or Zoom) We would appreciate if you could reply to them promptly to enable them to assist you sooner.
  • You will be able to communicate with them about how and when sessions take place.
  • If you change your mind and no longer require help right now, just let us know and we can close your request. You can always come back at another time more suitable for you. Just reach out to contact@frontline19.com and they can help you from there.

Frontline19 Support Services

It’s free, confidential and simple to set up.

  • We will match you with a qualified professional
  • They will try to work around your shifts where possible
  • We provide a safe place to listen to you and provide emotional support where appropriate.
  • We offer 8-12 sessions which can be via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or phone, you can discuss this with your therapist

Get Support Now

Frontline19 is a FREE independent, confidential and UK  based nationwide service delivering psychological support to people working on the frontline.


Unsure if you qualify? Please get in touch via the contact tab.
With a vast network of qualified psychological practitioners, we can ensure you get the right help quickly and easily.
It’s confidential, and it’s free.

Do you work in the NHS or Frontline services? We're here to support you

It’s free, confidential and simple to set up.

For the first time ever we are taking a break over the festive period and so we will be closed from 22nd December 2021 until 5th January 2022.

In the meantime, if you are seeking support, please go to the link in our bio 🔗 for a list of brilliant resources you can use to support your mental health this Christmas.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support whether it be a donation, purchasing a badge, a like, share or comment on our posts. It really does mean the world to us. All of this enables us to reach more people.

All of us here at Frontline19 wish you and your families a peaceful Christmas and new year. We will be thinking about you all.

2022 will continue to bring challenges but we have even bigger plans and as always we have your back. 💙

With love and best wishes for the festive season, see you in 2022!

The FL19 Team x

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Research suggests that those prone to negative self-talk face more mental health problems, decreased motivation, and greater feelings of helplessness.

Are you paying attention to your inner critic? How we talk to ourselves can make a big difference to our self-esteem. Essentially, the more you tell yourself that you're worthy and capable, the more you will begin to believe it.

Are you paying attention to your inner-critic?

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Reminder: Rest is essential 🌈

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Do you remember when you were training? Perhaps you had your own counselling?
Those hours could fly past but much could be achieved in those 60 minutes. 🕓

An hour can literally save a life. 🤯 And in return for giving us one hour of your time a week we will give you:

✨ A range of amazing CPD opportunities - previous courses we have offered include trauma training from specialists such as Bessel Van De Kolk
✨ Free clinical supervision
✨ Support including a referral point of contact, safeguarding lead, weekday drop-in safeguarding clinic and safeguarding training
✨ The knowledge that you are part of a huge team creating positive change and supporting the very people that have saved many lives in the UK.

➡️ What do we need?

👉 UK based therapists (Psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors)
👉 Therapists that have their own insurance
👉 Volunteers who are members of UKCP, BACP or similar
👉 People with a desire to volunteer one hour a week to help an NHS worker or similar with emotional support.

If you can spare 1 hour a week and are interested in joining our amazing team of volunteers who are changing the lives of those in the NHS, please sign up via the link in our bio 🔗 and our team will be in touch 💙

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🎙 "Please remember that you did something that we couldn't and we are so grateful"

People across the UK are calling #Hopeline19 to leave messages of love and support for our NHS & frontline workers who are struggling, and some of whom are dealing with anxiety, burnout and PTSD.

If you've got a message of thanks you'd like to share with them to help keep them going, call now and press 1 to leave your message or press 2 to listen.

It's free.

📲 0808 19 665 19

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Name your most memorable 👇

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Thoughts? 💥


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